BONE-GENERALIZED: Osteopenia (Demineralization)

D-41Subperiosteal Bone Resorption (See also D-39,D-105)
D-41-SSites of Osseous Resorption in Primary and Secondary Hyperparathyroidism
D-42Localized or Regional Osteoporosis; Bone Atrophy (incl. Sudeck's Atrophy)
D-43-1Generalized Osteoporosis
D-43-2Congenital Syndromes and Skeletal Dysplasias with Generalized Osteoporosis
D-44Osteomalacia and Rickets
D-44-SOncogenic (Tumor-Induced) Osteomalacia - Bone and Soft Tissue Neoplasm Associations
D-45-SCauses of Altered Calcium and Phosphorus Concentrations
D-46Widespread or Generalized Demineralization with Coarse Trabeculation
D-47Scattered Areas of Decreased and Increased Bone Density in the Skeleton