BONE-GENERALIZED: Osteosclerosis

D-48Avascular Necrosis (Epiphyseal Ischemia)
D-48-SSites of Predilection and Eponyms for Avascular Necrosis
D-49Bone Infarct (Diametaphyeal Ischemia)
D-50"Bone Within a Bone" Appearance
D-51Bone Lesion with Sequestrum or a Sequestrum-Like Region
D-52Multiple Sclerotic Foci or Calcific Streaking in Infants and Children (See also D-33)
D-53Solitary Osteosclerotic Bone Lesion (See also D-54)
D-54Multiple Osteosclerotic Bone Lesions
D-55-1Generalized or Widespread Osteosclerosis
D-55-2Congenital Syndromes and Skeletal Dysplasias with Generalized or Widespread Osteosclerosis
D-56-SGeneralized or Widespread Osteosclerosis - A Classification Based on its Location within Bone