BONE-GENERALIZED: Periosteal or Cortical Disorders

D-89-SDiagram of Various Periosteal Reactions
D-90Codman Triangle
D-91Parallel Spiculated ("Hair-On-End") or Divergent Spiculated ("Sunburst") Periosteal Reaction
D-92Localized Periosteal Reaction (See also D-90 to D-100)
D-93Widespread or Generalized Periosteal Reaction (Usually Layered or Solid and Often Symmetrical)
D-94Periosteal New Bone Formation in a Child
D-95-SClues to the Battered Child
D-96Excess Callus Formation
D-97Sclerosis of Bone with Periosteal Reaction
D-98Hypertrophic Osteoarthropathy
D-99Marked Cortical Hyperostosis and/or Thick, Solid, Wavy, or Ballooned Periosteal Reaction Involving the Shaft of a Bone
D-100Localized Cortical Thickening (One or a Few Bones) (See also D-101)
D-101Widespread Cortical Thickening
D-102Widespread Cortical Thinning
D-103"Split" or Double-Layer Cortex
D-104Scalloping, Erosion, or Resorption of the Inner Cortical Margin
D-105Destruction or Erosion of the External Cortical Surface of a Bone (See also D-39,D-41)
D-106Bony Whiskering (Proliferation of New Bone at Tendon and Ligament Insertions)