D-107-1Polyostotic Bone Lesions in Adults (See also D-74)
D-107-2Polyostotic Bone Lesions in Children (5-15 years) (See also D-74)
D-107-3Polyostotic Bone Lesions in Infants and Children (up to 5 years) (See also D-74)
D-108-1Multiple Fractures - Congenital Skeletal Disorders with Increased Bone Fragility
D-108-2Multiple Fractures - Metabolic Disorders
D-108-3Multiple Fractures - Other Skeletal Disorders in Which Fractures May Occur
D-108-4Multiple Fractures - Skeletal Fractures in Otherwise Normal Bones
D-109-SCommon Sites of Avulsion Injuries
D-110-SSites of Pseudofractures (Looser's Zones, Milkman Syndrome)
D-111-SStress Fracture (Sites of Predilection and Causative Activities)
D-113Pencil-Pointing of Shaft or End of Bone (Vascular Deossification)
D-115Synostosis of Tubular Bones (See also D-163,D-166)
D-116Gas Within Bone (esp. on CT)