BONE-ANATOMIC: Fingers and Toes

D-117-1Congenital Thumb Abnormalities - Absent Thumb
D-117-2Congenital Thumb Abnormalities - Hypoplastic Thin or Short Thumb
D-117-3Congenital Thumb Abnormalities - Wide Thumb
D-117-4Congenital Thumb Abnormalities - Enlarged Thumb
D-117-5Congenital Thumb Abnormalities - Ectopic Thumb (Abnormal Position)
D-117-6Congenital Thumb Abnormalities - Triphalangeal Thumb
D-118-SThumb Appearance in Various Syndromes
D-119-1Short Distal Phalanx of the Thumb - Short and Broad
D-119-2Short Distal Phalanx of the Thumb - Thin and Small
D-120Short Proximal Phalanx of the Thumb and/or Other Digits, Acquired or Congenital
D-121-1"Drumstick" Distal Phalanges
D-121-2Broad Distal Phalanx of the Thumb
D-121-3Broad Distal Phalanges of Other Digits
D-121-4Broad Middle Phalanges of Other Digits
D-122-1Congenital Abnormality of the Great Toe
D-122-2Duplication of the Great Toe (Hallucal Polydactyly)
D-123Clinodactyly of the Fifth Finger (Incurving of Fifth Digit with Hypoplastic Short Middle Phalanx)
D-124Congenital Syndromes with One or More Short Middle Phalanges (other than Fifth Finger)
D-125-1Generalized Short Distal Phalanges of the Hand - Short and Broad
D-125-2Generalized Short Distal Phalanges of the Hand - Thin and Small
D-126Hypoplastic (Spindle-Shaped or Stubby) Terminal Phalanges
D-127-1Acro-osteolysis (Erosion or Destruction of Multiple Terminal Phalangeal Tufts)
D-127-2Acquired Acro-osteolysis Confined to One Digit
D-127-3Band-like Destruction or Erosion of the Midportion of a Terminal Phalanx
D-128Acro-osteosclerosis (Terminal Phalangeal Sclerosis)
D-129-1Amputation or Absence of a Phalanx, Digit, Hand, or Foot - Aquired
D-129-2Amputation or Absence of a Phalanx, Digit, Hand, or Foot - Congenital
D-129-3Self-Mutilation of Digits
D-130Gangrene of a Finger or Toe
D-131Lytic Lesion(s) in a Phalanx (often Cyst-Like)
D-133Clubbing of the Fingers or Toes
D-134Symphalangism (Fusion of Phalanges in a Digit)
D-135Contracture of a Digit
D-136Camptodactyly (Flexion Deformity of One or More Digits), Acquired or Congenital
D-137Syndactyly (Soft Tissue Union, with or without Osseous Union, Between Adjacent Digits)
D-138-1Polydactyly (Preaxial - Radial Side)
D-138-2Polydactyly (Postaxial - Ulnar Side)
D-140Arachnodactyly (Long Fingers)
D-141Localized Brachydactyly with Short Phalanges, Metacarpals, or Metatarsals (excl. Generalized Shortening)