BONE-ANATOMIC: Ribs and Sternum

D-198-1Congenital Syndromes with Eleven Pairs of Ribs
D-198-2Congenital Syndromes with Thirteen Pairs of Ribs
D-199Thin, Ribbon-like, or Twisted Ribs
D-200Wide or Thickened Ribs
D-201Short Ribs (See also F-131)
D-202Multiple Symmetrical Anterior Rib Enlargement, Flaring, or Cupping
D-203Classification of Rib Notching
D-204Resorption or Notching of the Superior Rib Margins
D-205Rib Lesion in a Child
D-206Short Lesion of a Rib (less than 6 cm) (See also D-207)
D-207Long Lesion of a Rib (greater than 6 cm) - Usually Expansile (See also D-206)
D-208Multiple Expanding Rib Lesions
D-209-1Congenital Sternal Abnormality - Hypersegmentation or Undersegmentation (often with Hypoplasia and Premature Fusion)
D-209-2Pectus Carinatum (Pigeon Breast) (Same as F-129)
D-209-3Pectus Excavatum (Same as F-130)
D-210Erosion, Sclerosis, and/or Fusion of the Sternomanubrial Synchondrosis or Sternoclavicular Joints