D-211Congenital Syndromes with Limited Joint Mobility or Contractures
D-212Congenital Syndromes with Joint Laxity or Hypermobility
D-213Congenital Syndromes with Joint Dislocation or Subluxation (See also D-212)
D-214Monoarticular Joint Disease
D-215Polyarticular Joint Disease
D-216Arthritis Occurring Predominantly in Men
D-217Transient Arthritis or Arthralgias
D-218Rheumatoid-like Arthritis
D-219-SClassification of Juvenile Chronic Arthritis
D-220Degenerative Joint Disease in a Young Adult (Premature Osteoarthritis)
D-221Secondary Osteoarthritis of the Hip
Imaging Findings Suggesting Loosening and/or Infection of Joint Arthroplasty
D-223Neuropathic Arthropathy (including Charcot Joint)
D-224-1Bilateral Sacroiliac Joint Disease - Symmetrical
D-224-2Bilateral Sacroiliac Joint Disease - Asymmetrical
D-224-3Unilateral Sacroiliac Joint Disease
D-225Narrowed Joint Space (NOTE: Most arthritides cause joint space narrowing in advanced stages)
D-226Widened Joint Space (NOTE: Many arthritides cause joint space widening in early stages)
D-227Joint Effusion
D-228Arthritis with Osteoporosis
D-229Arthritis with Little or No Osteoporosis
D-230Arthritis with Multiple Joint Subluxations (usually Ulnar Deviation in the Hands)
D-231Arthritis with "Swan-Neck" Deformity
D-232Arthritis Associated with Periostitis or Other New Bone Production
D-233Calcaneal Spur (Plantar Surface)
D-234Calcaneal Bone Resorption (Plantar or Posterior Surface)
D-235Arthritis with Soft Tissue Nodules
D-236Soft Tissue Mass About a Joint
D-237Popliteal (Baker) Cyst
D-238Benign Synovial Lesion Involving a Major Joint
D-239Bone Lesions Involving Both Sides of a Joint
D-240Multiple Filling Defects in the Knee or Other Joints on Arthrography
D-241Calcified Intra-articular (Often Loose) Body in a Joint
D-242Chondrocalcinosis (Calcification in Articular Cartilage)
D-243Periarticular or Intra-articular Calcification (See also D-241,D-242)