D-244Soft Tissue Ossification
D-245-1Calcification in Muscles and Subcutaneous Tissues - Systemic or Widespread (See also D-247 to D-249)
D-245-2Calcification in Muscles and Subcutaneous Tissues - Localized (See also D-246-1 to D-251)
D-246-1Calcification in a Bursa
D-246-2Calcification in a Tendon or Ligament
D-246-3Calcification in a Nerve
D-247Vascular Calcification
D-248Calcification About the Fingertips
D-249Calcification in Lymph Nodes
D-250Solitary Large Calcified Soft Tissue Mass Adjacent to Bone (See also D-243 to D-246-3,D-261)
D-251Soft Tissue Mass with Underlying Bone Erosion or Destruction
D-252Musculoskeletal Lesions with Prominent Surrounding Edema (CT, MRI)
D-253Musculoskeletal Lesions with Predominant Lower Signal on T2 MRI
D-254-SClassification of Soft Tissue Tumors
D-255-SBenign Soft Tissue Tumors - Incidence
D-256-SMalignant Soft Tissue Tumors - Incidence
D-257-SRound Cell Lesions of Soft Tissue
D-258-1Common Soft Tissue Tumors in Children (less than 16 years of age)
D-258-2Common Soft Tissue Tumors in Young Adults (16-45 years of age)
D-258-3Common Soft Tissue Tumors in Older Adults (greater than 45 years of age)
D-259-1Soft Tissue Tumors by Location - Subcutaneous
D-259-2Soft Tissue Tumors by Location - Intermuscular
D-259-3Soft Tissue Tumors by Location - Intramuscular
D-259-4Soft Tissue Tumors by Location - Intra-articular or Juxta-articular
D-260Soft Tissue Tumors that can be Multifocal
D-261Soft Tissue Tumors with Associated Calcification or Ossification
D-262"Cystic" Soft Tissue Tumors (CT, MRI)
D-263Soft Tissue Tumors with Prominent Fluid-Fluid Levels (Plain Films, CT, MRI)
D-264Soft Tissue Tumors with Prominent Visible Vascularity (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Angiography)
D-265-S1Staging of Musculoskeletal Tumors - Enneking Staging of Sarcomas of Soft Tissue and Bone
D-265-S2Staging of Musculoskeletal Tumors - American Joint Commission Staging of Sarcomas of Soft Tissue
D-265-S3Staging of Musculoskeletal Tumors - Hadju Classification of Soft Tissue Sarcomas
D-266-SRates of Recurrence from Common Soft Tissue Sarcomas
D-267-1Diseases Affecting Muscle to Fat Ratio - Decreased muscle mass, often increased fat
D-267-2Diseases Affecting Muscle to Fat Ratio - Diminution in subcutaneous fat
D-267-3Diseases Affecting Muscle to Fat Ratio - Increase in muscle mass; normal fat
D-267-4Diseases Affecting Muscle to Fat Ratio - Increase in fat; normal muscle
D-268Thickening of Heel Pad (greater than 23 mm)
D-269Soft Tissue Emphysema or Gas
D-270Swelling of the Soft Tissue Interstitial Markings ("Reticulation" or Nodularity of Soft Tissues)
D-271Lymphangiectasia (Lymphatic Vessel Dysplasia)
D-272Lymphatic Obstruction on Lymphangiogram (Lymphedema)
D-273-SRoentgen Signs of Lymphatic Channel Obstruction
D-274Filling Defect in Lymph Node on Lymphangiogram