Breast: Mammography and Ultrasound

I-1-1Circumscribed Breast Lesions Evaluated by Size - Small to Intermediate (less than 4 cm)
I-1-2Circumscribed Breast Lesions Evaluated by Size - Large (over 4 cm)
I-2Well-Defined or Circumscribed Lesion of the Breast
I-3Halo Sign or Capsule Around the Periphery of a Breast Lesion
I-4Poorly Defined or Irregularly Marginated Lesions of the Breast
I-5Spiculated Lesions of the Breast (incl. Stellate Lesions)
I-6Breast Lesion Containing Fat
I-7Breast Ultrasound - Anechoic Lesions
I-8Breast Ultrasound - Hypoechoic Lesions
I-9Breast Ultrasound - Hyperechoic or Mixed Echogenicity Lesions
I-10-1Breast Calcifications - Coarse
I-10-2Breast Calcifications - Semicircular, Circular, or Eggshell
I-10-3Breast Calcifications - Lobular
I-10-4Breast Calcifications - Linear
I-10-5Breast Calcifications - Microcalcifications Localized into Groups
I-10-6Breast Calcifications - Diffuse Scattered Microcalcifications
I-11Prominent (Dense) Ductal Pattern on Mammography
I-12Diffuse Breast Changes
I-13Skin Thickening over the Breast
I-14-SLesions or Artifacts that Can Mimic a True Breast Lesion
I-15-SBenign Breast Lesions that Can Be Ignored When Classical
I-17Axillary Lymphadenopathy seen on Mammography (usually on MLO View)
I-18Asymmetry of Pectoralis Muscle on Mammography (usually on MLO View)
I-19-SMammography Mistakes and Pitfalls for Radiologists and Other Physicians
I-20-SMammography Mistakes and Pitfalls for Technologists