CHEST: Miliary Nodular, Reticular, or Interstitial Patterns

F-17-SRoentgen Patterns of Interstitial Disease
F-18Acute Diffuse Fine Reticular Opacities (Kerley Lines, Acute - A, B, and C) (See also F-19)
F-19Kerley Lines, Chronic - A, B, and C (See also F-18)
F-20-1Widespread Miliary Nodules in the Lungs (less than 5 mm in diameter)
F-20-2Widespread Miliary Nodules in the Lungs of a Neonate or Young Infant
F-21Widespread Small Irregular Opacities (Reticular, Nodular, or Reticulonodular Pattern) (See also F-22)
F-22Interstitial Fibrosis (incl. Honeycomb Lung--End-Stage Interstitial Fibrosis)
F-23-S1Synonyms for Idiopathic or Usual Interstitial Pneumonitis
F-23-S2Entities that Can Produce Histologic Changes Similar to Usual Interstitial Pneumonitis
F-24Diffuse Interstitial Disease with Pleural Effusion
F-25Diffuse Interstitial Disease with Associated Lymphadenopathy