CHEST: Pulmonary Nodules or Masses (Incl. HRCT)

F-33Small Nodular Opacities on HRCT
F-34-1Small Nodule Distribution on HRCT - Perilymphatic (Peribronchovascular, Septal, and Subpleural)
F-34-2Small Nodule Distribution on HRCT - Randomly or Evenly Distributed Throughout Lung
F-34-3Small Nodule Distribution on HRCT - Centrilobular
F-35-SWorld Health Organization Histologic Classification of Lung Neoplasms (1982)
F-36-SChest Tumors in Infants, Children, and Adolescents
F-37Solitary Pulmonary Nodule (smaller than 4 cm in diameter)
F-38Solitary Pulmonary Mass (greater than 4 cm in diameter)
F-39Superior Sulcus Lesion
F-40Mass-Like Perihilar or Central Pulmonary Opacity or Lesion Radiating from the Hilum
F-41Shaggy Pulmonary Nodule or Mass with Fuzzy Borders, Solitary or Multiple
F-42Multiple Discrete Pulmonary Nodules or Masses (Nonmiliary)