CHEST: Pulmonary Cystic or Cavitary Lesions

F-43-1Sharply Defined Cavitary Lesion(s) of the Lung - Thin-walled
F-43-2Sharply Defined Cavitary Lesion(s) of the Lung - Thick-walled
F-44Cyst-Like or Cavitary Pulmonary Lesion(s) in an Infant or Child
F-45Solitary Cavitary Pulmonary Lesion (Cyst, Nodule, or Mass) with a Sharp Outline (See also F-43-1, F-43-2)
F-46Solitary Cavitary Lesion of the Lung with a Shaggy (Irregular or Spiculated) Outline
F-47-SPredisposing Factors for a Lung Abscess
F-49Multiple Lucent or Cavitary Lesions of the Lung
F-50Extensive Pulmonary Opacity with Cavitation (Destructive Pattern) (See also F-46)
F-51Mass in a Pulmonary Cavity (Meniscus or Bull's-Eye Sign), Mobile or Fixed