CHEST: Mediastinal and Hilar Lesions

F-86Superior Mediastinal or Thoracic Inlet Mass
F-87Superior Mediastinal Widening in Infants and Children
F-88Anterior Mediastinal Lesion
F-89Middle Mediastinal Lesion (Plain Films, CT, MRI) (See also F-88 to F-93)
F-90Posterior Mediastinal Lesion (Plain Films, CT, MRI) (See also F-89 to F-92)
F-91-1CT of Mediastinal Lesions - Fat Attenuation (-20 to -130 HU)
F-91-2CT of Mediastinal Lesions - Water Attenuation (0-15 HU)
F-91-3CT of Mediastinal Lesions - Soft Tissue Attenuation (15-40 HU)
F-91-4CT of Mediastinal Lesions - Calcification
F-91-5CT of Mediastinal Lesions - Vascular or Enhancing Lesions
F-92Aortic and Venous Abnormalities in the Mediastinum (esp. on CT, MRI, Angio) (See also E-21-S,E-61 to E-65,E-69,E-70,F-91-5)
F-93Cystic Mediastinal Lesions (Plain Films, CT, MRI)
F-94Retrosternal Mass or Swelling
F-95Thymic Enlargement
F-96Small or Absent Thymus in an Infant
F-97Right Anterior Cardiophrenic Angle Lesion
F-98Abnormality of the Azygoesophageal Recess (esp. CT)
F-99Displacement of the Thoracic Paraspinal Line (See also F-90)
F-100Intrathoracic Extramedullary Hematopoiesis
F-101-1Mediastinal Widening (See also F-102)
F-101-2Acute Diffuse Mediastinal Widening
F-102Acute Mediastinitis or Mediastinal Abscess
F-103Mediastinal and/or Hilar Lymph Node Enlargement
F-104Marked Hilar Lymphadenopathy
F-105Bilateral Hilar Enlargement (See also F-103)
F-106Unilateral Hilar Enlargement
F-107Unilateral Small Hilar Shadow
F-108Unilateral or Bilateral Hilar Displacement
F-109Mediastinal Shift