G-20Abnormal Position of the Stomach (Rotation or Displacement)
G-21Filling Defect(s) in the Stomach (Intraluminal, Mucosal, or Intramural)
G-22Filling Defect in a Gastric Remnant
G-23Lesion Involving the Gastric Fundus (Intrinsic or Extrinsic)
G-24Gastric Ulceration
G-25Erosive Gastritis
G-26Large Gastric Folds (Local or Widespread); Thickening of the Gastric Wall (CT, Ultrasound, MRI)
G-27Linitis Plastica Pattern of the Stomach (See also G-28)
G-28Narrowing or Deformity of the Gastric Antrum (See also G-27)
G-29Combined Gastric Antral and Duodenal Disease
G-30Gastric Outlet Obstruction
G-31Dilatation of the Stomach without Obstruction
G-32Interstitial Emphysema of the Stomach
G-33Gastrocolic or Gastroduodenocolic Fistula
G-34Increased Retrogastric or Retroduodenal Space