G-35Extrinsic Indentation on the Duodenum (See also G-36)
G-36Widening of the Duodenal C-Loop (See also G-35)
G-37Solitary Intrinsic Duodenal Mass
G-38Multiple or Diffuse Filling Defects in the Duodenum
G-39Diminished or Absent Fold Pattern in the Duodenum and Small Bowel
G-40Nodular or Thickened Folds in the Duodenum; Also Thickening of the Duodenal Wall (CT, Ultrasound, MRI)
G-41Postbulbar Duodenal Ulceration
G-42Duodenal Narrowing or Obstruction (See also G-43, G-44)
G-43Duodenal Obstruction in an Infant (Double Bubble Sign)
G-44Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome (Bandlike Constriction of Transverse Duodenum)
G-45Duodenal Dilatation without Obstruction