G-46Abnormal Position of Small Bowel Loops
G-47Separation or Displacement of Small Bowel Loops
G-48Solitary Mass in the Small Bowel with Preserved Mucosa
G-49-S1Benign Tumors of the Small Bowel
G-49-S2Malignant Tumors of the Small Bowel
G-50Multiple Intraluminal, Mucosal, or Intramural Filling Defects in the Small Bowel
G-51-1Small Bowel Diverticulum
G-51-2Small Bowel Pseudodiverticulum
G-52Thickening of the Small Bowel Wall (Generalized or Localized) (Barium, CT, Ultrasound, MRI)
G-53Mucosal Destruction of the Small Bowel with or without Stricture (Local or Widespread)
G-54Regular Thickening of Small Bowel Folds (greater than 3 mm)
G-55Generalized Irregular or Distorted Small Bowel Folds
G-56Simultaneous Fold Thickening of the Stomach and Small Bowel
G-57Malabsorption Pattern in the Small Bowel
G-58Blind Loop Syndrome
G-59Small Bowel Dilatation with Thickened Mucosal Fold Pattern
G-60Small Bowel Dilatation with Normal Mucosal Fold Pattern
G-61Acute Nonobstructive Small Bowel Distention ("Paralytic Ileus")
G-62Chronic Nonobstructive Small Bowel Distention
G-63Terminal Ileum Lesion