GASTROINTESTINAL TRACT: Appendix, Colon, and Rectum

G-81Appendiceal Lesion or Mass Adjacent to Appendix
G-82-SCongenital Anomalies and Variations of the Appendix
G-83Solitary Filling Defect in the Colon
G-84-SClassification of Colonic Tumors and Tumor-Like Lesions
G-85Annular ("Apple Core" or "Napkin Ring") Lesion of the Colon
G-86Segmental Narrowing of the Colon
G-87Multiple Filling Defects in the Colon
G-88Colitis (Ulceration, Edema, Spasm); also Thickening of the Colon Wall on CT, Ultrasound, or MRI
G-89Pericolic Abscess
G-90Double Tracking of Barium in the Distal Colon
G-91Smooth Colon
G-92Colonic Distention without Obstruction
G-94Toxic Megacolon
G-95-1Colon of Reduced Caliber (Microcolon) in a Newborn
G-95-2Meconium Plug in a Newborn
G-96Cecal Lesion
G-97Conical or Contracted Cecum
G-98Enlargement of the Ileocecal Valve
G-99Anterior Indentation on the Rectosigmoid Junction
G-100Rectal Disease on Barium Enema, CT, or Ultrasound
G-101Rectovaginal Fistula
G-102Increased Retrorectal or Presacral Space (See also C-50)