ABDOMEN: Biliary Tract

G-129Congenital Disorders or Syndromes with an Abnormal Biliary Tract
G-130Dilatation of Bile Ducts (CAG, MRCP, Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-131Biliary Dilatation without Jaundice or Obstruction
G-132Biliary Obstruction without Dilatation
G-133-1Cystic and Saccular Lesions of Bile Ducts with Normal-sized Intrahepatic Bile Ducts
G-133-2Cystic and Saccular Lesions of Bile Ducts with Dilatation of Intrahepatic Bile Ducts
G-134Filling Defect or Segmental Lesion in the Bile Ducts (CAG, MRCP, CT, Ultrasound)
G-135Thickening of Bile Duct Walls (Ultrasound)
G-136Echoes within the Bile Ducts (Ultrasound)
G-137Bile Duct Narrowing or Obstruction (CAG, MRCP, CT, Ultrasound)
G-138Enlarged Papilla of Vater
G-139Biliary-Enteric Fistula (See also G-128)
G-140Biliary-Pleural (or Bronchial) Fistula