ABDOMEN: LIVER: Diffuse or Multifocal Liver Disease

G-141-1Hepatomegaly (See also G-141-2)
G-141-2Congenital Hepatomegaly
G-142Diffuse Hepatic Calcifications (Plain Films, Ultrasound, CT)
G-143Fetal or Neonatal Liver Calcification
G-144Fatty Change in the Liver (Steatosis) (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-145Perfusion Abnormalities of the Liver
G-146Patchy Hepatogram (Areas of Low Density) on Angiography or postcontrast CT
G-147Generalized or Multifocal Decreased Echogenicity of the Liver (Hypoechoic on Ultrasound)
G-148Generalized or Multifocal Increased Echogenicity of the Liver (Hyperechoic on Ultrasound)
G-149Generalized High Density Liver (Nonenhanced CT)
G-150Generalized or Multifocal Low Density Liver (Nonenhanced CT)
G-151Multiple Hypointense Liver Lesions (T2 MRI)
G-152Diffusely Decreased Liver Intensity (MRI)
G-153Spontaneous Liver Rupture