ABDOMEN: LIVER: Focal Liver Lesions

G-154Neoplasm of the Liver (Child or Adult)
G-155-1Solid Liver Lesion - Adult (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-155-2Solid Liver Lesion - Older Child or Adolescent
G-155-3Solid Liver Lesion - Infant or Young Child (under age 5)
G-156Solid Liver Lesions - Multiple
G-157Cystic Liver Lesion(s) (Ultrasound, CT, MRI, Nuclear Scan) (usually anechoic or hyperechoic on Ultrasound; low density on CT)
G-158-1Liver Lesion Characterized by Linear or Stellate Central Scar (CT, Ultrasound, Angio)
G-158-2Liver Lesion with Central Scar (MRI) (Same as M-144)
G-159Liver Lesion Characterized by Blood or Hemorrhage
G-160Liver Lesion Characterized by Calcification
G-161Liver Lesion Characterized by Fat (CT, MRI)
G-162Liver Lesion Characterized by Bull's Eye Appearance
G-163Liver Lesion Characterized by Fluid-fluid Level
G-164Liver Lesion Characterized by "Fill-in" (Angio, Postcontrast CT, MRI)
G-165-SLiver Lesions - Clinical Considerations
G-166Liver Metastases - Calcified
G-167Liver Metastases - Hypervascular
G-168Liver Metastases - Hemorrhagic
G-169Liver Metastases - Cystic
G-170-1Liver Metastases - Hypoechoic Lesions on Ultrasound
G-170-2Liver Metastases - Mixed Echogenicity on Ultrasound
G-170-3Liver Metastases - Hyperechoic Lesions with Shadowing on Ultrasound
G-170-4Liver Metastases - Cystic, Bull's Eye, or Infiltrative Patterns on Ultrasound
G-171Avascular or Hypovascular Liver Lesion (Angio, Postcontrast CT, MRI)
G-172Hypervascular or Hyperdense Liver Lesion (Angio, Postcontrast CT, MRI)
G-173Anechoic Liver Lesion (usually Cystic on Ultrasound)
G-174Hypoechoic Liver Lesion (Ultrasound)
G-175Hyperechoic Liver Lesion (Ultrasound)
G-176Isoechoic Liver Lesion (Ultrasound)
G-177Heterogeneous Hepatic Echogenicity on Ultrasound (Complex Hepatic Mass or Diffuse Parenchymal Involvement)
G-178-SHepatic Pseudolesion (Ultrasound)
G-179-1Intrahepatic Acoustic Shadowing on Ultrasound - Linear or Branching Shadowing
G-179-2Intrahepatic Acoustic Shadowing on Ultrasound - Focal Shadowing
G-180Focal Low Density (Decreased Attenuation) Liver Lesion (Nonenhanced CT)
G-181Focal Low Density Liver Lesion (Postcontrast CT)
G-182Focal High Density Liver Lesion (Nonenhanced CT)
G-184-SMRI Characteristics of Various Liver Lesions
G-185-1Liver Lesions with Hypointense Rim on T1 MRI
G-185-2Liver Lesions with Hypointense Rim on T2 MRI
G-185-3Liver Lesions with No Circumferential Rim on MRI
G-186Focal High Signal Intensity Liver Lesion (T1 MRI)