ABDOMEN: LIVER: Hepatic and Portal Veins; Periportal Area

G-187Dampening of Hepatic Vein Doppler Waveform (Ultrasound)
G-188Hepatic Vein Dilatation
G-189Hepatic Vein Thromboembolism or Obstruction (Budd-Chiari S.) (incl. Obstruction of Upper Inferior Vena Cava)
G-190Portal Vein Thrombosis or Obstruction
G-191Portal Hypertension
G-192Gas in the Portal Veins
G-193Periportal Hypoechogenicity (Ultrasound) - Periportal Low Density (CT)
G-194Prominent Periportal Echoes ("Starry-Sky" Liver) in Adults on Ultrasound
G-195Prominent Periportal Echoes in Neonates on Ultrasound
G-196Increased Periportal Signal Intensity on MRI