G-197Splenomegaly - A Classification (See also G-198)
G-198Congenital Syndromes with Splenomegaly
G-199Splenomegaly with Normal Echogenicity (Ultrasound)
G-200Splenomegaly with Diffuse Hypoechoic Pattern (Ultrasound)
G-201Splenomegaly with Diffuse Hyperechoic Pattern (Ultrasound)
G-202Small or Nonvisualized Spleen
G-203Splenic Calcification - Solitary
G-204Splenic Calcifications - Multiple
G-205Solitary Lesion of the Spleen (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-206Focal Cystic or Low Density Splenic Lesion(s) (CT, MRI, usually hypoechoic on Ultrasound)
G-207Focal Hyperechoic Splenic Lesion (Ultrasound)
G-208Diffuse Increased Splenic Density (CT)
G-209Multiple Splenic Hypointensities (CT, MRI)
G-210Multiple Splenic Hyperintensities (T2 MRI)
G-211Abnormality on Splenic Arteriography
G-212Splenic Vein Obstruction (Ultrasound, Postcontrast CT, MRI, Angio)