ABDOMEN: Pancreas

G-213Solid Pancreatic Lesion (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-214Cystic or Low Density Pancreatic Lesion (CT, MRI, hypoechoic on Ultrasound)
G-215Complex Pancreatic Lesion (Ultrasound)
G-216Increased Echogenicity of Pancreas (Ultrasound)
G-217Focal Shadowing Pancreatic Lesion (Ultrasound)
G-218Pancreatic Calcification without Mass
G-219Pancreatic Lesion Characterized by Calcification
G-220Pancreatic Lesion Characterized by Blood or Hemorrhage
G-221Pancreatic Lesion Characterized by Fat
G-222Fatty Replacement or Infiltration of Pancreas
G-223Hypervascular Pancreatic Lesion (Postcontrast CT, MRI, Angio)
G-224-SPancreatic Angiographic Abnormality (via celiac, superior mesenteric, or subselective anteriography)
G-225Dilated Pancreatic Duct
G-226Pancreatic Duct Stricture or Filling Defect (ERCP, MRCP, Ultrasound)
G-227Gas in Pancreatic Duct