ABDOMEN: Mesentery and Peritoneum

G-228Cystic Mesenteric or Intraperitoneal Lesion (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-229Solid Lesion of the Mesentery or Mesenteric Root (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-230Alteration in Density of the Mesenteric Fat ("Misty Mesentery") on CT
G-231Peritoneal Disease
G-232Diffuse Peritoneal Thickening (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-233Peritoneal Fluid Collection (Ascites) in an Adult (esp. Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
G-234Peritoneal Fluid (Ascites) in an Infant or Child
G-235Chylous or Lymphatic Ascites