H-38-STumors of the Renal Collecting System, Pelvis, and Ureters
H-39Tumors of the Renal Parenchyma, - Benign and Malignant
H-40Pediatric Renal Masses - Benign and Malignant
H-41Congenital Syndromes or Anomalies Associated with Wilms' Tumor
H-42Neonatal Renal Mass
H-43Solid Renal Mass (Ultrasound, CT)
H-44Cystic Renal Mass (Ultrasound, CT, MRI)
H-45Cystic Renal Mass with Internal Debris (Ultrasound, CT)
H-46Cystic Renal Mass with Wall Calcification
H-47Renal Mass with Calcification
H-48Renal Mass with Fat