H-82Medial Deviation of the Upper Ureter
H-83Lateral Deviation of the Upper Ureter
H-84Displacement of the Pelvic Ureter
H-85Ureteral and Renal Pelvic Calcification
H-86Ureteral Intraluminal Filling Defect(s) (See also H-87)
H-87Ureteral Mural Filling Defect(s) (See also H-86)
H-88Ureteral Tumors
H-89Multiple Ureteral Filling Defects
H-90Vascular Indentations on the Ureter or Renal Pelvis (Notching)
H-91Dilatation of the Ureter (Segmental or Diffuse Ureterectasis)
H-92Vesicoureteral Reflux
H-93Obstruction of the Ureter (with or without Hydronephrosis)
H-94Ureteral Stricture
H-95Ureteral Extravasation or Fistula (See also H-56)