PELVIS: Seminal Vesicles and Testes

H-147Low-Intensity Seminal Vesicle on T2 MRI
H-148Cystic Structure Near Seminal Vesicle
H-149Calcification in the Seminal Vesicle, Vas Deferens, or Fallopian Tube
H-150Abnormalities Involving the Entire Testis
H-151Solid Testicular Mass (Ultrasound, MRI)
H-152Cystic Testicular Mass (Ultrasound, MRI)
H-153Unilateral Testicular Tumor (Ultrasound, MRI)
H-154Bilateral Testicular Masses (Ultrasound, MRI)
H-155-SGerm Cell Tumors of the Testes
H-156-SNon-Germ Cell Tumors of the Testes
H-157Testicular Tumor in a Child (Ultrasound)
H-158Testicular Calcification (Plain Films, Ultrasound)
H-159Epididymal Lesion (Ultrasound, MRI)