HEAD AND NECK: Temporal Bone, Mastoid, and Ear

B-24Congenital Abnormalities of the Temporal Bone
B-25Bone Disorder Associated with Otosclerosis (Tomography, CT)
B-26Lesion of the Facial Canal in the Temporal Bone (Tomography, CT)
B-27-1Lesions Involving the Facial Nerve Outside the Temporal Bone
B-27-2Facial Nerve Palsy
B-28Osteolysis of the Temporal Bone
B-29Destructive Lesions in the Petrous Apex
B-30Vascular Middle Ear Mass (Intratympanic or Retrotympanic)
B-31Soft Tissue in the Middle Ear
B-31-SComplications Associated with Cholesteatoma
B-32Erosion or Destruction of Tympanic Portion of Petrous Bone, Middle Ear, or Mastoid
B-33-1Syndromes with Mastoid Abnormalities - Mastoiditis
B-33-2Syndromes with Mastoid Abnormalities - Underdevelopment of Mastoids
B-33-3Syndromes with Mastoid Abnormalities - Increased Pneumatization of Mastoids
B-34Absence or Stenosis (Bony Narrowing) of the External Auditory Canal
B-35External Auditory Canal Tumor
B-36Calcification in Ear Cartilage (Pinna)