HEAD AND NECK: Pharynx and Larynx

B-105-1Increased Retropharyngeal (Prevertebral) Space - Infant or Child
B-105-2Increased Retropharyngeal (Prevertebral) Space - Adult
B-106Lesions of the Oropharynx
B-107Lesions of the Hard and Soft Palate
B-108Large Tongue (Macroglossia)
B-109Mass in the Midline or at Base of Tongue
B-110Cystic Floor of the Mouth Mass
B-111Lesions of the Hypopharynx, Larynx, and Upper Trachea
B-112Vallecular Mass
B-113Pyriform Sinus Mass
B-114Epiglottic Enlargement
B-115Supraglottic Mass
B-116Paralaryngeal Cystic Mass
B-117Laryngeal Asymmetry
B-118Abnormal Shape or Destructive Lesion of the Laryngeal Cartilage (including Expansile Lesions)
B-119Laryngeal Tumor
B-120Vocal Cord Asymmetry
B-121Paralyzed or Paretic Vocal Cord
B-122Subglottic Tracheal Narrowing
B-123Upper Airway Obstruction in a Child - Acute or Chronic (See also B-105-1,B-106,B-111,B-114,B-122)