SKULL: Abnormal Size or Shape

A-1-1Premature Craniosynostosis (Craniostenosis)
A-1-SClassification of Primary (Idiopathic) Premature Craniosynostosis
A-1-2Congenital Syndromes and Bone Dysplasias with Premature Craniosynostosis
A-2Microcephaly (Microcrania)
A-3-1Macrocephaly (Macrocrania)
A-3-2Congenital Syndromes and Bone Dysplasias with Macrocephaly (Megalencephaly; Macrocrania)
A-4Abnormal Contour of the Calvarium (See also A-1-1 to A-13)
A-5Unilateral Small Cranium
A-6Flat Occiput in an Infant
A-7Prominent Occiput in an Infant
A-8Frontal Bossing (Prominent Central Forehead)
A-9Biparietal Bossing
A-10Localized Bulge of the Calvarium or Scalp
A-11Hypoplasia of the Base of the Skull
A-12Basilar Invagination
A-13Tam-O'-Shanter Skull (Thickening of the Skull Vault with Basilar Invagination)