SKULL: Miscellaneous

A-34-SSkull and Facial Bones of Membranous Origin
A-35-S1Normal Skull Variants
A-35-S2Normal Skull Variants That May Simulate a Fracture
A-36Multiple Wormian (Sutural) Bones
A-37Delayed or Defective Cranial Ossification (Transient, Intermediate, Protracted, Lethal)
A-38Small Anterior Fontanelle
A-39Congenital Syndromes and Bone Dysplasias with Large Anterior Fontanelle or Delayed Closure of Fontanelles
A-40Delayed Closure, Wide, and/or Incomplete Ossification of Sutures (See also A-40)
A-41Separation or Infiltration of Skull Sutures in an Infant or Child (See also A-40)
A-42Decreased or Absent Convolutional Markings
A-43Increased Convolutional (Digital) Markings
A-44Increased Size of the Vascular Grooves of the Skull
A-45-1Generalized "Hair on End" Pattern in the Skull
A-45-2Localized "Sunburst" Pattern in the Skull