BRAIN: Masses in General (Tumors and Cysts)

A-51-S1WHO Classification of Tumors of the Nervous System
A-51-S2Alternate Classification of Primary Brain Tumors
A-52-SIncidence of Brain Tumors
A-53-1Supratentorial Intracranial Tumors in Infancy and Childhood
A-53-2Infratentorial Intracranial Tumors in Infancy and Childhood
A-53-3Brain Tumors in Children Under One Year of Age (CT, MRI)
A-54-SPrimary Sites of Origin for Metastases to the Brain, Meninges, and Skull
A-55-1Solitary Intracranial Mass - Neoplastic
A-55-2Solitary Intracranial Mass - Nonneoplastic
A-56-1Multifocal Intracranial Lesions
A-56-2Multiple CNS and Cranial Nerve Tumors
A-56-SPhakomatoses (Neurocutaneous Syndromes)