SPINE: Abnormal Density or Destruction of Vertebrae

C-31Increased Band(s) of Density in the Subchondral Zones of Vertebrae (incl. Rugger Jersey Spine)
C-32Bone-In-Bone or Sandwich Vertebra
C-33Increased Vertical (Pin-Stripe or Corduroy) Trabeculation of One or More Vertebral Bodies
C-34Focal Area of Sclerosis in a Vertebra
C-35Dense Sclerotic Vertebra, Solitary or Multiple (including Ivory Vertebra)
C-36Spinal Osteopenia (Loss of Density)
C-37Lytic Lesion of the Spine
C-38-SVertebral Neoplasms and Look-Alikes
C-39Lesions of the Vertebral Body and/or Appendages with Prominent Expansile Remodeling